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Hi! I'm Krystin Withers and I was born and raised in Southern California where we bred and trained Siberian Huskies. After serving in the United States Navy for four years, I decided to pursue my education and start a family with my best friend and husband. While raising our daughters, I earned my MBA and expanded my dog training business. Training dogs has always been my passion and I am so grateful I was able to turn a hobby into a way I can contribute to my family needs. Over the past ten years, I volunteered and fostered for a few local dog rescue organizations including Labs and More, Second Chance Dog Rescue, and Noah's Ark Dog Rescue. I am committed to continually expanding my dog training knowledge and experience by pursuing nationally recognized dog trainer certifications and courses. I am certified through the Council of Professional Dog Trainers, Knowledge Assessed. I am also an evaluator for the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Test (Evaluator Number: 98681). When I was 8-years-old, I memorized every dog breed in the encyclopedia and since then, have worked with many of those breeds with a passion for bringing out the best in each one. Dogs bring me so much joy and I look forward to meeting you and your pups very soon!


About Me

STAR Puppy

Did you get or are you thinking about adding a puppy to your family? Ensure you start them off on the right paw with early training! It is never too early to start and you will not regret it. Safety, socializing, desensitizing, and positive associations are crucial for your new puppy. Consistency and patience will go a long way, and lets not forget POTTY TRAINING! Book a Private Session with me today to get started on puppy training.

Behavior Modification

Common behavior problems include jumping, excessive barking, chewing, digging, mouthing, potty training, and separation anxiety. While most of these can be helped with a healthy exercise regimen, sometimes dog owners need a little more help to find a solution. Some training concepts I apply to these problems involve positive and negative reinforcements that are humane and effective. Book a Private Session today to get started.

Basic Obedience

Basic obedience is one facet of training a well-rounded happy dog. This is not just about 'sits' and 'stays' but also involves teaching our pets manners so you may live cohesively as a family with a dog. Effective training takes patience, practice, and consistency. Understanding how dogs think and having the ability to read a dog's body language allows me to modify my training methods to best fit your pup. Book a Private Session now to begin bringing out the best in your dog.

Loose Leash Walking

A dog should walk next to you on a loose leash that hangs in a j-shape. If your dog is pulling, stopping, or lunging at other stimuli, I know my loose leash walking methods will help you. I am a fan of changing up walking routes but one thing I would not change is spending 3-5 minutes doing calming ovals before starting your activity. This diffuses a substantial percentage of the excitement that feeds into the chaos of a walk. To start enjoying your walks, book a Private Session today.

Agility and Tricks

Have you ever wanted to teach your dog to run through an agility course or do a really cool trick?! Using specific training methods, I like to capture their natural behaviors and shape them into an impressive trick worthy of showing your friends. Some of my favorites include roll-over, bow, spin, beg, play dead, crawl, and even weaving through a human's legs! Book a Private Session today to start preparing your dog for Hollywood!


Krystin'S PACK

Gwenny Bear aka Gwen aka Gigi

Our first baby! At 12-years-old, Gwen is still SOO fast and loves to be near us. Her nurturing collie-mix breed is the root of her love to nanny children and babies who visit by laying near them and acting as their personal climbing structure. I call her my "Hollywood Dog" because she knows so many tricks. She will do anything for a greenie and she loves her stuffed white bear, which she has carried around ever so gently since she adopted (stole) it when she was a puppy.


This happy-go-lucky girl is quite a character. She loves to lay on her back with her legs straight up in the air. She also discovered the carpet gives the best back scratches when she wiggles around in circles on her back. Penny is a Cattle Dog, Old English Sheepdog, Pitbull mix. She loves everybody she sees but when they are out of sight I believe she forgets ever meeting them...maybe she's part goldfish. Whatever she's mixed with, we love her and all her quirky characteristics.


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Lab Mix

"Krystin is the best in the biz.  She just has a way with dogs AND humans that help you connect to reach your training goals.  She is a pleasure to work with and has helped shape our pup into the wonderful dog she is today."

- Melissa P., Ramona

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